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Vlog: Reflections on Guest Speakers

Key Takeaways from speakers:

Lilian Barajas

- I thought her journey on how she began working for the U.N. was fascinating

- I really liked what she was saying on how advocacy work is becoming more evidence based (ie including elements of entrepreneurship in aid!)

Vini Trambadia

- Brave to answer all of our questions!

- I highly respected how much she was dedicated to ensuring that her ingredients were sustainably and ethically sourced, even if it was not the most convenient for her business practices

- I also loved how she is taking entrepreneurship at her own pace and prioritizing excellence. I aspire to do the same!

Ellen Yui

- Incredibly inspiring, helped me clarify my own mission, vision, and values in a way that I was struggling to do for so long.

- Appreciated that she appreciated our authenticity and saw it as the key to our success


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