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How we embarked on a mission to transform communities by delivering nutritious meals to all. 


food delivery + social impact

To create a socially responsible food distribution service that gives convenient access to nutritious meals for low-income households.


socially-responsible food systems

A society in which it is simple for food providers and everyday citizens to play an active role in eradicating hunger in their communities.


food distribution & delivery systems

Everybody Eats offers a food distribution service that caters to households in need.

  • Individuals who normally struggle to eat because of inaccessibility to affordable meals can receive home-delivered meals and groceries.

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Everybody Eats was founded in 2018 by Dr. Muhammad Ansari, an alumnus of Howard University and Imani Majied, a recent graduate of Cornell University. In both their family settings and the campuses of the universities they attended, they witnessed food-insecurity on a regular basis. Together, they made the decision to not accept the status quo for people with less money to not eat with dignity. They envisioned a model that would incentivize restaurants to help feed their community while remaining financially sustainable. Since, they have been committed to feeding their community using the resources within the community. 


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