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Gallup BP 10 & Commitment Card

My BP 10 Results

Entrepreneurial Talents Commitment Card

Imani Majied

I am committed to using my BP10 talents in the following ways:

  • Disruptor - to disrupt cycles of socially irresponsible capitalism and create socially-inclusive business models

  • Delegator - to not over strain myself and leverage the strengths of my teammates and community members to accomplish common goals

  • Relationship - to empathize with stakeholders whom I seek to serve and work with to collaborate on meaningful and impactful projects

  • Confidence - to inspire others to work alongisde me or follow their own passion projects

The first action I will take to use my top BP10 Talents in my life is to:

  • Work on leading my social enterprise in a way that constantly seeks to build support for our socially-inclusive food delivery service. I seek to inspire others to believe in socially-responsible capitalism and want to participate in it!


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