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Make a Difference Values


Authenticity is an incredibly important value to me in every capacity of work and service. I find that I cannot be motivated to perform well in a space if I do not feel I can be my truly authentic self. Feeling like I need to compromise parts of myself in anyway is uncomfortable and unhealthy, and I would not want anyone to do the same either. When leading a team, this means encouraging my teammates to leverage their strengths as much as possible. I find it ineffective to ask people to do work in areas that do not interest them or are not in line with their skillset. Doing what authentically gives energy to ourselves can help us perform better in all areas of our life, and that is what I would like to encourage myself and others to do in every role that I take on in the future.

Purpose-Driven Living

When forming a team for Everybody Eats, I always tried to prioritize understanding what motivates my team members to serve. While sometimes we can be pressured to mold our story to whatever will sound most appealing to the person on the other end, especially in the situation of an interview, I recognize that everyone has different purposes that inspire them and motivate them. I feel that tapping into that purpose on a regular basis is the best way to motivate people and get the best out of individuals. People want to feel fulfilled, and I would not want anyone working on my team if they don't feel the work is fulfilling for them. This is a value that is important for myself to embody on a daily basis, but also for me to encourage of others in my future work environments.

Do My Best

It sounds simple, but I really think constantly striving to do my best is a value I will take from this class and try to implement on a regular basis. Sometimes we can settle for complacency and in reality, it doesn't feel very good to do so. I want to strive to do my best always, especially in areas that I care the most about, but even in areas that I don't. I feel that if I keep my mind open to always striving to gain something positive out of every experience, I will gain something positive and continue to grow.


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