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Networking Opportunity Presentation

For my networking opportunity assignment, I decided to interview with Robert Lee, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. For many reasons, speaking with Robert was a special opportunity for me because he has success with launching a venture with a mission very similar to my own (to fight food-insecurity).

If I were to complete this assignment again, there are a few changes I would like to make to improve my overall performance. While the general presentation (on PowerPoint) was fine, I would have liked to create a more customized design that incorporated elements of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and my social enterprise, Everybody Eats. Perhaps using more visuals to demonstrate the connection between the two would have been more visually appealing and communicative to the viewer.

Additionally, I would have liked to reduce the amount of words I included on my presentation slides and used more visuals. While I think I did a good job at outlining the main points of my presentation, I would have liked to make it even easier for my audience to digest by reducing the words on the slide and letting the viewer just listen to what I have to say. I also could have included more transitions and animations to make the breakdown of the words more digestible and sequential.

Another improvement I would have liked to make is in my actual appearance and performance on camera. While the lighting in my room was fine, I would have liked to use a simpler background and a more steady microphone to avoid any feedback from my environment. Considering that I know Robert for professional reasons, I think it would have been important to consistently demonstrate to him my professionalism. I also would like to have looked at the camera more consistently, as my eye contact was more fixed on my computer screen than the actual camera. This could have been a way to be more engaging with my viewer and appear less distracted.

Lastly, I always want to improve on my actual speech when creating vlogs. When I know that the vlog has to fit within a certain time limit, I have a tendency to make my presentation sound rehearsed, which is something I would like to improve upon in the future.


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