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Everybody Eats: Food Delivery Services Reimagined
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food delivery + social impact at no added cost.

to create a socially-responsible food delivery service that improves access to affordable, nutritious, and convenient meals to everybody, especially low-income individuals and families. 


We envision a world that does not accept it as normal for low-income individuals and families to eat poorly. We see restaurants as a catalyst to bridging meal gaps in their communities.


Everybody Eats will provide a food delivery service that is inclusive of food-insecure customers. Customers can order food from local restaurants on the app, and food-insecure customers will pay a discounted price.  For our non-food insecure customers, they help feed themselves by simply feeding their neighbors. Our business partners get the exciting opportunity to expand to new customers, reduce food waste, and positively impact their community!


Everybody Eats was founded in 2018 by Dr. Muhammad Ansari, an alumni of Howard University and Imani Majied, a current  undergraduate student at Cornell University. In both their family settings and the campuses of the prestigious universities they attended, they witnessed food-insecurity on a regular basis. Together, they made the decision to not accept that it is okay for people with less money to not eat with dignity. They envisioned a model that would incentivize restaurants to help feed their community while remaining financially sustainable. 

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