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"Zoom" Book Reflection

I found the "Zoom" book reading activity to be a great creative challenge for my class. First, I realized pretty quickly that we all had to pay attention to what our other classmates were saying in order to create a story line that was consistent and flowed well. I thought this was a great takeaway to use in a presentation setting with a group: make sure your story flows well and is consistent. Nothing is more distracting for the audience than to hear one of the teammates say something completely off the mark from what the teammate before said.

Another takeway I gained from this activity was to make sure to use the tagline of the book as much as possible. I felt this could really be applied to pitches in the future, as it will help the audience digest the main takeways from the presentation and have soemthing to remember.

Lastly, I found that the story was most interesting when my classmates integrated an emotional element into the story. We highlighted the young boy's relationship to his grandfather, how he admired him, his grandfather's backstory, and the boy's aspirations. All of these elements added substance to the story that made it more compelling. In the future, I would like to continue to use this lesson of pulling on the audience's heartstrings during a presentation. Sharing vulnerability helps us connect with others and inspires us to engage.


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