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Vlog 2: How Restaurants Can Be Agents of Change

In this vlog, I discuss the issues of food waste and food insecurity and how restaurants can be an agent for mitigating those issues. I thoroughly enjoyed making this vlog because it challenged me to discuss a topic I'm passionate about in a compelling way for my audience viewers. This challenge is very important to me because it is something I am continuously working to craft: getting people to care about food-insecurity enough to do something about it (like participate in my social enterprise's services).

Compared to my first vlog, I think I did a much better job at developing a story line that was compelling and interesting to follow. I connected the issue of food-insecurity to my personal experience, which as we discussed in class, is a way to validate experience in an area. I also like how I connected my personal experiences to the larger systemic issues affecting communities like my own at large. Furthermore, the call to action was one of the most important parts of the vlog, which I tried to make sure I demonstrated how people engaging in the hospitality industry could do something to fight food-insecurity.

There are still some improvements I would like to have made on this vlog presentation. While the story line was better than the first vlog, I think it would have been more impactful to provide greater information on understanding the systems of food-insecurity and how they're perpetuated by the hospitality industry and consumers in the industry. I think it's important for people to realize they have agency in fighting large-scale issues like this, and it is paramount that everyday consumers demand more from food providers to be catalysts to bridging meal gaps and reducing food waste. On an aesthetic note, I would have liked to appear even more professional in my image by recording the vlog in a room with bright lighting and a simple backdrop.


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