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Vlog 1: About Me & What Breaks My Heart in the World Today

In this first vlog assignment, I share a bit of background about myself and what breaks my heart in the world today. I explained how I was raised in both suburban and urban environments, provided a brief pitch for my social enterprise, Everybody Eats, and discussed a topic that I care about which is enabling others to appreciate themselves and others unconditionally. While I think this vlog was a great start for the semester, there was definitely a lot of room for improvement.

First, I would have liked to better connect my personal story to my passions that I explained in this video. My connection to why I care about food-insecurity and nurturing self-love are in truth deeply personal to my own life journey, and I could have better highlighted that connection in a way that would have been compelling for the audience to listen to. Perhaps I could have started this by leaving out the information on my hometown and touching upon a few aspects of myself that are deeper than just my demographic background.

Another improvement I would make on this first vlog is the fact that I did not include my face in this vlog. While it is not always important to show myself in presentations, I think in this context of giving a personal introduction it makes more sense to include my live self in the vlog rather than just a voice over.

Furthermore, I think it would have been more effective to include more visuals in my presentation, especially when discussing statistics and figures. While I believe I spoke about the statistics that disturbed me in a concerned tone, it may have been more effective for the audience to grasp if I had flashed the numbers on the screen of exactly how many girls experience low-self esteem and other issues of insecurity. Perhaps I could have even demonstrated these facts and figures using Tableau or another data visualization software.

All in all, there are many story-telling elements I would have liked to improve from this first vlog that I hope improved in the rest of my vlogs this semester!


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